Collaborative Communities Management Company provides clients with an integrated approach to resilient pre- and post-disaster planning and long-term recovery. We help communities work through complex issues around social vulnerability that consider the connections between climate change adaptation, disaster preparedness, disaster recovery, sustainable community planning, systems design, infrastructure upgrades and community driven initiatives. 

Our goal is to improve people's lives through the creation of beautiful places that serve to protect and enhance the human experience.  

We do this through advising clients on how to take advantage of:
FEMA Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation Program
Aligning Disaster Recovery Dollars with Capital Project Funds
Combining Low impact land use Strategies to Reduce Hazard Risk
Assess Land Planning to align with Hazard Risk Reduction
Assessment of Immediate and Long-Term Economic Impacts
Look at Cost-Efficient Retrofits to Damaged Buildings
Water and Materials Conservation Practices
Renewable Energy Technologies
Socio-Cultural Considerations
And Most Importantly: Meaningful Community and Stakeholder Engagement with Sustained Participation throughout the Process 

All of these contribute to resilient revitalization in a socially and fiscally responsible manner.

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