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Collaborative Communities Management Company, LLC, (CCMC) is based in Austin, Texas but works with clients across the U.S. We provide a range of local constituencies with logistical support for environmentally sustainable and socially conscientious community revitalization in both pre- and post-disaster scenarios. 

CCMC serves in both a consultative and project management role ensuring that all project participants operate on budget and schedule and that the client gets a project with multiple co-benefits.

CCMC was created because of the widely acknowledged need for hands-on, focused coordination of various groups involved in creating projects and programs that benefit communities. We approach holistic resiliency solutions through partnership building and collaboration. We have a sensitivity to diversity and inclusion with special attention paid to the most vulnerable populations. 

Our clients include K-12, Trade Schools, Colleges & Universities, Community Organizations, Economic Development Programs, Job Creation, Retention & Training Groups, City, State and Federal Governmental Agencies, Non-profits, Corporations and Small Businesses.

"To forge a better path forward, we must engage the whole community, including the youth, in both the visioning and execution of solutions. 
Only through a sense of ownership can lasting, transformative change be realized." 
Laura Clemons - Founder of Collaborative Communities