Wall is measured for backboard installation
Backboards are mounted to studs in the wall
Water catchment tray is installed
Water catchment tray is centered
The planted panels are ready to be hung
The top and bottom panels create an image of a tree
Two panels were designed to go on both sides of a video monitor
Timers were installed to insure proper watering
Wall text, placques, trophies and lighting were all added to complete the installation
The wall has an amazing impact from the front entrance to the factory lobby
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Living Wall Project

Toyota Motor Manufacturing was the 1st Net Zero waste to landfill manufacturing facility in North America. They wanted to replace an outdated display case and create a more impactful way to showcase all of their richly deserved awards. 

CCMC designed a focal wall that integrated plants, video, shelving for the trophies and wall space for the awards. 

In the photos to the right, you can see the process of installing the components of the LIVING WALL. Scroll over the image to read about each step of this process and click on the image to enlarge it.

Living walls are a creative way to enrich any space. The 2 panels contain over 1,000 plant root-balls and consist of 3 plant varietals to create an image of a "living" tree.
Click image to enlarge and read about this step in the process.