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June, 2016                Congress for New Urbanism                Detroit, MI
Resilience: Climate Change, Public Housing and Sustainable Design

October, 2015                Growing Sustainable Communities                Dubuque, IA
A Doers Guide to Climate Adaptation and Resiliency

September, 2015                New York City Climate Week                New York City, NY
A Call to Action: Preparing for and Responding to Natural Disasters

April, 2015                Congress for New Urbanism                Dallas, TX
Community Engagement: Reaching the Most Vulnerable
Climate Adaptation and the role of the Built Environment Professional

December, 2012                ReThinking the City                Orlando, FL
Collaboration, Bikeshare and Dignity

July, 2011                American Association of Retired Persons                Montgomery, AL
Creating Livable Communities for Successful Aging

October, 2010                Birmingham Business Alliance                Birmingham, AL
Inclusion + Education + Economic Development = Sustainable Communities